Footsteps to Hope cancer support group meets the first Tuesday of every month at: Faith Church . 1020 Walnut St., Windsor . CO @ ​6:30pm

SUPPORTING SPONSOR: Donation of Goods or Services for the event. Amount of in-kind event marketing, will be given based on the value of the item/service donated.
MILE MARKER SPONSOR: Donate $150.  Recognized as sponsor on website.
BRONZE: Donate $250 or more. Recognized as sponsor on website.
SILVER: Donate $500 or more. Recognized as sponsor on website.
GOLD: Donate $750 or more. Recognized as sponsor on website.
PLATINUM: Donate $1000 or more. Recognized as sponsor on website.
DIAMOND: Donate $2500 or more.  Recognized as sponsor on website, and a Link on website for a year.

Footsteps to Hope 5K Walk/Run is held every September in Windsor, CO

Footsteps to Hope Breast Cancer Survivors
Footsteps to Hope Cancer Support Group

5K Race Sponsorships

Donations are always appreciated

Thank you for your support no matter the size, great or small, it is greatly appreciated and felt. Your contributions help provide monthly support meetings, heart pillows, prayer shawls, hats, turbans, scarf’s, journals, notebooks of courage, inspiration books, wigs, comfort bags, courageous chemo bags, meals, non-medical support, cards, flowers, gifts of faith, and so much more. You are making a difference in the lives of women with cancer. Most of all, thank you for joining the effort and for taking steps to being the HOPE for women of this community.

All the women of Footsteps to Hope

Footsteps to Hope Cancer Survivors